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About Us

Our Mission

In the battle against cancer, BIODENA CARE considers its mission as a succession of relays between Fundamental Scientific Knowledge on the one hand and "the Art and Science of Medicine" on the other.


The final relay, undoubtedly the most important, is the one that the Physician must carry out alone with his Patient, against the disease.


This is why, in order to never forget the Patient, we carry out our mission by exclusively serving Physicians with a single objective:

« To ensure that demonstrations of basic science become effective, reliable and accessible solutions, handed over to physicians for the benefit of their patients. »

Executive Team

Nassima Mimoun.png

Nassima Mimoun

Managing Director


  • Medical Doctor

  • MBA from an international Business school in Paris ESCP Business School

  • Harvard Business School: Executive Leadership Program


Professional strength

  • 25 years of experience in Pharma Industry

  • Broad range of experiences across various therapeutic areas at regional and local level in multiple markets and mainly in oncology

  • Solid experience in launching and successfully commercializing innovative products and identifying life cycle management opportunities

  • Ability to work successfully with external stakeholders by integrating their insights

  • Strong learning agility and a good track record in coming into new and challenging situations in both, strategic and operational roles using strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Diversity & Inclusion as a DNA to build right teams and talents working cross functionally

  • Acting & leading by example. Supporting and driving transformations with flexibility and adaptability.


Alexandre Prieur

Chief Scientific Officer


  • Scientific Director since 2012

  • 20 years in cancer research 

  • 8 years of R&D specific to hPG80 (extra-cellular circulating progastrin)

  • PhD in Oncology since 2005 (Paris XI University)

  • Master - Innovation, Valorization, Partnerships (Montpellier University) in 2013


Professional strength 

  • 12 years of fundamental research as a researcher in cancer research institutes in Europe

  • 8 years of R&D in biotechnology companies as Chief Scientific Officer (diagnostic and therapy)


  • Listed as inventor for 8 patent applications, including 7 on interaction between hPG80 and cancer

  • Author of 10+ publications in peer-reviewed journals in the field of cancer

  • Co-editor at Frontiers in Oncology on the Research Topic “Therapeutic Targeting of Cancer Stem Cells- The Current State of the Art “ in 2019


François Fabre

Chief Financial and Operationnal Officer 


  • Administrator of the group entities

  • Fundraising lead

  • Specialist in business management

  • Master's degree in international business

Professional strength

  • 8 years as managing director or general manager of companies

  • 5 years in cash and investment management


  • Fundraising actions up to 26 M €

  • Drastic cost management to ensure the sustainability of this company


Monica Cappellini

Laboratory Manager


  • 7 years of experience in R&D and production specific to hPG80

  • PhD in Neuroscience (University of Montpellier)

Professional strength

  • 19 years of experience in start-up companies as in vivo and/or laboratory manager.

  • Strong team management and project management

  • Implementation and maintenance of quality system according to ISO 13485


  • Co-author in several articles related to hPG80

  • Successful launch of the DxPG80 kit

Our History

Our History

The dream of a scientist, the fight of a woman

Dominique Joubert is a scientist with a PhD in biology, coming from academic and fundamental research in which she worked for more than 40 years, including two decades from 1991 to 2011 as Director of Research at Inserm (France) and Director of the Oncology Department of the IGF, a CNRS-INSERM-University of Montpellier Joint Research Unit.

Contrary to scientific dogma, she has always been convinced that cancer responds to the "laws of the living" and is therefore reversible. She is therefore naturally looking for the "key" to this reversion.

In 2003, in her laboratory, her team and herself observed a protein that needs to come out of the tumor cell and re-interact with it to exert its effects on the tumor cell.

She believes that this protein, resulting from a set of disorders linked to the Wnt signaling pathway (highly involved in tumorigenesis), may be the key she is looking for.

She is modeling an experiment to demonstrate that neutralizing this protein can regulate the pathway that generated it.

This approach seemed absurd to her team. Neutralizing the product of a mechanism to regulate the said mechanism, the idea is far-fetched!

To the surprise of sceptics, the experiment is conclusive, demonstrating for the first time that the tumor mechanism can be reverted into a solid tumor.

In a healthy individual, this protein, progastrin, is the precursor of gastrin, it is present in the G cells of the stomach, it is not found in the blood. 


In a patient with cancer (any cancer to date), it is secreted by the tumor cell of the organ affected by this cancer, it is then called hPG80.


We’ve so far detected hPG80 in the blood of 83% cancer patients. Moreover, 100% of tumors produce hPG80[1].

Dominique Joubert now knows that what has just been proven will simply change the history of cancer!


She also knows that there is another equally challenging round ahead: bringing together all the energy, resources and expertise needed to ensure that a demonstration of basic research is translated into solutions for physicians, for the benefit of patients.

[1]. You et al, EBioMedicine, 2020 Jan;51:102574

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