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Biodena Care optimizes cancer management

A simple and accessible test

In 2003, our R&D team discovered the essential role of the hPG80 protein in cancer progression.


From this discovery, which came from French research, we developed a practical and affordable blood test: DxPG80.

DxPG80: a new device to lead the fight against cancer

Visuel-kit CE IVD.V2.png

Through a simple blood test, the DxPG80 test reveals the presence of hPG80, a biomarker specifically associated with cancer diagnosis.

French research excellence at the service of patients

Proposing a more efficient support


The reliable and reproducible DxPG80 test contributes to the optimization of the oncology patient journey.

The incidence of cancer is growing inexorably, it is time to act practically

19.3 million

28.4 million

200 billion €

new cases in 2020

new cases forecasted in 2040

EU and US treatment cost in 2017

Cancer: earlier detection, greater chance of remission

Sources : WHO and Cancer Atlas

Our ambition:
innovation at the service of the patient


Tomorrow, we will become a key player in the overall management  of cancer patients in termes of:

  • Early diagnosis

  • Localization 

Therapeutic strategy for patients with a first-in-class therapeutic antibody.

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